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24” flocked base decorated with pink and blue shatterproof ornaments, donuts, lollipops and the cutest gingerbread house. This wreath features peppermint ribbon and curly strands.



This is a Large size wreath and will be shipped and secured in a large box. Ribbons and branches may need some fluffing and reshaping, which can be done easily, by pulling branches in to place and reshaping the ribbon.


This wreath is a part of our Gingerbread Collection. We may have similar styles till available.


This is a one-of-a-kind and can not be remade exactly as pictured.


If placing outdoors, we suggest placing them on a porch or patio where it can be shaded and kept out of the elements. Some items have been secured with glue, please keep in mind if placing in direct sunlight.


While this wreath is meant to be hung on exterior doors, during extreme weather conditions we suggest bringing your wreath indoors to prevent damage.

Gingermint Lane

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