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Budget Bathroom Makeover

My primary bathroom has been a work in progress for some years now lol. Well... one day last month I decided to touch up the paint and to my surprise I grabbed the wrong paint color. So I ended up painting most of the bathroom an even darker color. If you didn't know I love dark bathrooms because they're sexy!

I immediately regretted this decision because new paint meant new everything else. The shopping part was fun! I ran to Amazon to find new faucets, a light fixture and towel holders. Wanna see my Style Board?

Can you see where we're going? Its giving spa vibes! The vanity light caught my eye first. I knew I wanted a few gold accents so I chose the towel rings next. Who doesn't love a gold faucet? The links for these items are here:

Light Fixture:

(these are affiliate links)

The dark walls needed balance so I introduced a lot of white accents. If you follow me on Instagram (@houseofannjilique) you know that I create most of the art in my home. This room was no different. I have a thing for monochromatic art. I knew I wanted something soft but with texture. As for towels... white waffle weave was the way to go.

Head over to instagram to see more of this budget makeover! Theres even a styling video!

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